Our Inspiration

Inspired by the wild iris that grows from the rugged Tantramar Marshes, Iris Community Counselling and Consulting Inc. was intentionally named in honour of the strength, perserverance, resiliency and beauty of the flower itself. Much like the empowering nature of mental health counselling, the iris grows when given support and care: whether that comes in the form of water and sun or a safe space and the guidance of a welcoming therapist, the results can be powerful.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build community through counselling. IRIS offers mental health services including individual, family, couples, and group counselling for youth and community members living alongside a variety of mental health issues.  Strength-based and self-driven counselling is offered both on-site and contractually, and aims to support the larger Tantramar area by providing opportunities for community groups to access services: counselling driven by the needs of the community.

Our Story

Working in neighboring middle school classrooms, Krista Royama and Marie Reinsborough-Wadden became fast friends through their shared experiences, similar interests, focus on building student rapport, and complimentary teaching styles. On a wild adventure in teaching together, they soon discovered that they were both motivated to give back to the community that helped raise their children and support them as parents, educators, and citizens. At the same time, they realized that their work as teachers often became side-tracked by the mental health needs of their students. This necessary shift in focus led them to pursue the next steps to becoming counselling therapists with a goal of providing mental health support to their Tantramar-area community. Working as school counsellors, they then co-founded IRIS Community Counselling and Consulting!